Giuliano Mazzuoli Ducati Miniofficina Micrometer Fountain Pen

Giuliano Mazzuoli
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This pen is like new.  It has been lightly handled for demonstration.

Officially inaugurated 16 October 1998, the Ducati Museum presents the history of competition of the house of Panigale Village. Founded as an company electromechanical in 1926 by the Ducati siblings, today it represents the fruit nearly a century of excellence and tradition of Italian genius. The Ducati museum has examples such as the Cucciolo of 1946, with a simple 48 cc motor mounted on a bicycle chassis, and the 98 cc Marianna of 1950, and the designs from engineer Fabio Taglioni.

With the success of the Officina line, Itallian designer Giuliano Mazzuoli releases the new more compact Miniofficina pens (officina in Italian means mechanical workshop), inspired by everyday workshop tools. The Micrometer pattern engraving gives the instrument the feel of a precision tool.

The picture is from 1923 and the little girl in the picture is my mother. My grandfather Renato had a mechanical workshop with lathes and cutters with which he built handcrafted bicycles. At the beginning of the 1950s, with the advent of motorcycles in a hilly terrain like ours, the activity became obsolete and ended. A few years later, when I was about ten years old, I found and kept an old wooden box with metal objects that had a strange form. For some years afterwards it was a treasure that I tried keeping secret.

In November 1999 Giuliano Mazzuoli found himself in a modern mechanical workshop and looking around, he saw the same objects. Forty years later they still fascinated him with their beautiful shapes and he wanted to let others appreciate them not simply as mechanical tools, but as everyday writing instruments, and so Officina, Writing Instruments were born. The Miniofficina is the response to those who want a more compact writing instrument in the same design.

The highlights of the pen are the chunky and compact look, handcrafted solid aluminum cap and barrel finished in Ducati red, with highly polished trim, fitted with a smooth writing stainless steel medium nib. The cap screws onto the base of the barrel.Complete with handsome gift box. Includes one black international type refill (cartridge only) inside the barrel.

Dimensions: 4 5/8 inches long capped / 5 7/8 inches long with the cap posted on the barrel / 1/2 inches across (a compact, chunky pen)
Weight: 1 oz (a medium weight pen)

Made in Italy