Giuliano Mazzuoli Manipolo Pink 0.9mm Pencil

Giuliano Mazzuoli
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PLEASE NOTE: These are new old stock closeout items. You are purchasing a brand new writing instrument, but the box may show shelf wear or scuffing.

The dictionary defines the word as åwhatever form of activity engaged by man that brings out his inventive talent and his expressive capabilities. The new Manipolo 0.9mm pencil from Italian designer Giuliano Mazzuoli is formed from aluminum bar stock.The crude aluminum bar slowly mutates and takes form. It is pierced and shaped to the point where the finishing touches transform it into a pencil. It's as if the pencil was always in that piece of aluminum but it just needed someone to pull it out of there. Giuliano Mazzuoli creates an object of art with technical characteristics based on research and experience that are able to combine design and function.

The highlights of the pencil are the beautifully crafted solid aluminum shape, with finger depressions for comfortable writing and the smooth mechanism.

Complete with handsome gift box.

Dimensions: 4 5/8 inches long / 1/2 inch across (compact / chunky)
Weight: 1 oz (medium weight)

Made in Italy