Giuliano Mazzuoli Officina Lima 3+1 Chrome & Orange Multifunction Pen

Giuliano Mazzuoli
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The Officina Lima 3+1 recreates the look of finely crafted hand tools. Lima is a high-quality multi-function pen with 4 different functions: black ball point pen, red ball point pen, pencil, and touchscreen stylus, with three loaded in the pen at any time. Refills are advanced by twisting the barrel. Each pen is inspired by everyday workshop tools. The hobnail pattern is a highly tactile deep cut milled pattern cut the length of the barrel.

åThe picture is from 1923 and the little girl in the picture is my mother. My grandfather Renato had a mechanical workshop with lathes and cutters with which he built handcrafted bicycles. At the beginning of the 1950s, with the advent of motorcycles in a hilly terrain like ours, the activity became obsolete and ended. A few years later, when I was about ten years old, I found and kept an old wooden box with metal objects that had a strange form. For some years afterwards it was a treasure that I tried keeping secret. - Giuliano Mazzuoli

In November 1999 Giuliano Mazzuoli found himself in a modern mechanical workshop and looking around, he saw the same objects. Forty years later they still fascinated him with their beautiful shapes and he wanted to let others appreciate them not simply as mechanical tools, but as everyday writing instruments, and so åOfficina, Writing Instruments± were born. Every Officina pen is hand crafted from a solid piece of aluminum and finished in brushed chrome.

The photograph demonstrates how this model appears in the gift box.  The highlights of the pen are the hefty, handcrafted solid aluminum cap finished in anodized orange and brushed chrome finished barrel, with highly polished trim, complete with three plus two writing modes in the box: including one red and black ballpoint and 0.5 millimeter pencil in the pen and in the box a rubber touchscreen stylus.  Complete with handsome gift box.

Design features

  • All aluminum construction
  • Brushed chrome finish barrel with engraved hobnail pattern
  • Orange finish cap
  • Polished chrome trim
  • Convertible from ball point to a 0.5 mm pencil to a rubber touchscreen stylus by exchanging refills.
  • Complete with handsome gift box
  • One red and black ballpoint and 0.5 millimeter pencil in the pen and in the box a rubber touchscreen stylus


  • 5 5/8 inches long (a large size pen)
  • Weight: 1.5 oz (a solid and hefty pen)

Made in Italy