The Metropolitan Museum of Art Samurai Dragon Ballpoint Pen

Metropolitan Museum of Art
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The Metropolitan Museum of New York's collection houses an exquisite mitokoromo, or set of matching sword fittings, created by each of the first 15 generations of masters of the main Goto school of sword-fittings makers. The pen motif is taken from a sinuous dragon - a sign of good fortune - on a kozuka utility knife handle inscribed by Goto Mitsutaka (1722-1784), the 13th-generation Goto master. The highlight of the pen is the smooth twist-action ballpoint system. Brass base metal body with printed lacquer and gold plate accents. Handsomely presented in a coordinated gift box. Uses the smooth writing Waterford Ballpoint refills. One refill is included with the pen. Limited 1 Year Warranty. Proceeds from the sale of this product are used to support The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Dimensions: 5 5/16 inches inches long / 1/2 inches across
Weight: about 1 oz (a medium weight pen) Made in Taiwan