Wearever Pennant

Next to the Supreme, the Pennant is probably the most common Wearever you will find in the field. The Pennant is the consummate "dollar pen", sold from about 1950 through the early 1960s. The Wearever Pennant is cheap and nearly indestructible and David Kahn, Inc. sold them by the bucket full. Pennants would be seen typically on card racks and counter top carousels at drug stores and dime stores along with other Wearever products. In advertising, the Pennant got the lion's share in the 1950s.  Pennants came in all the typical 1950s colors: black, burgundy, red, gray, green, blue, and aqua blue.  They originally sold for $1.00 and $1.98 for a fountain pen and pencil set.

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