Wedgwood Chocolate Greek Key Motif Fountain Pen Medium

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The Wedgwood DKP Collection is a range of classical writing instruments in the style of Wedgwood Jasper.  Jasperware is a fine grained unglazed stoneware that was introduded by the English potter Josiah Wedgwood. It's name derives from the fact that it resembles the natural stone Jasper in its hardness. Generally decorated in the neoclassical style.

The Wedgwood story spans 250 years of discovery, vision, experimentation and triumph. From the humble British beginnings to iconic global status, Wedgwood name is synonymous with fine quality and excellent craftsmanship.

The highlight of the pen is its smooth writing two-tone gold plated stainless steel medium nib.

Handsomely packaged in the blue Wedgwood gift box. Includes one fountain pen refill cartridge in the pen, and a converter for use with bottled ink, in the box. Wedgwood Lifetime Limited Warranty.


  • Unique Jasperware-like finish over solid brass construction
  • Two-tone gold plated stainless steel medium nib
  • Uses international type fountain pen refill cartridges
  • Handsomely packaged in blue Wedgwood gift box
  • One refill cartridge is included, in the pen
  • Includes a fountain pen converter, for use with bottled ink, in the box
  • Wedgwood Use and Care Guide included in the box
  • Wedgwood Lifetime Limited Warranty


  • 5 3/8 inches long
  • 5/8 inches across (a mid-size pen)
  • Weight: 1 oz (a medium weight pen)

Made in Taiwan

Wedgwood Lifetime Limited Warranty